2014 is a wrap, and 2015 training is well underway!  The winter weather in Boise Idaho has been bleak this year to say the least. (My house is buried somewhere under that blanket of inversion fog.)  Nevertheless, a LOT of proverbial “hay” is being put in the barn in preparation for the spring thaw.  Meanwhile “sponsorship season” is in full swing.  And as such, 2015 promises to be a bright one.  In fact, I feel in many ways like dawn is rising.

But before every dawn, there is indeed a bittersweet dusk. (That’s as poetic as I get, and it tied into the dusk picture of the valley nicely, did it not?)  So, before I make announcements about new opportunities and partnerships, I think it prudent to acknowledge the hard work and generosity of those who have helped me to this new dawn.


IM Arizona 2008 as “Team Accelerade”, precursor to The Snapple Tri Team.  Running with eventual Snapple elite team member Adam Ottsot (left)

For the last 7 years I’ve been honored to be part of the Snapple Triathlon Team.  But after 7 years and several rounds of rebranding, a truck-load of results and memories, 2015 marks more than one turning point in my career as a professional triathlete. I will be transitioning from Snapple Tri Elite Team member in order to pursue individual opportunities.  The same Washington, DC-based “Best Team on Earth” has supported me since 2008.  As a charter member, I consider myself extremely lucky to have gained the support of (what was then) a small pro/am racing team, then known as “Team Accelerade”.

Sprinting fellow Snapple Lytewater Triathlete (and Duathlon World Champion) Todd Wiley at our local 2009 Doylestown Duathlon

Sprinting fellow Snapple Lytewater Triathlete (Duathlon World Champion) Todd Wiley at our local 2009 Doylestown Duathlon

I have to most especially thank Bart Forsyth & Mindy Ko for all of their dedication to the athlete, the sport, and just plain hard work.  Their efforts and dedication are amazing and definitely not lost on me.  I can’t thank the Team Snapple supporters and sponsors enough for their generosity over the  years.  I greatly appreciate the these athlete/sponsor relationships. I am proud to represent fantastic brands, provide exposure, and participate actively in the process of bringing high quality products to the multi-sport market.

I now consider myself part of the Snapple Triathlon Team Alumni.  I am privileged to have put my name next to such fantastic athletes as Todd Wiley, Greg Close, Robbie Wade, et al.  I look forward to seeing the Snapple Tri community continue to grow, and watching my fellow “Dream Crushers'” careers evolve.  I plan to stay in touch and wish you all the best!!!