I recently capped off an awesome (and extremely tiring) two-week block of training with a bit of racing at the San Diego Quick-n-Dirty.  The race was a 5-lap world-cup cross-country style mountain bike race in Balboa Park.  I highly recommend this series to anyone in SoCal as it was very well produced and felt like a much bigger event.  For a “training race”, the competition was fantastic and made me WORK!  This race was a great test of my racing awareness.  I was stoked to come away with a win, and I’m glad to have my first crash of the season and mechanicals (hopefully) out of the way! 😉 Congrats to all who raced.  It was a fun day and looks like the XTERRA triathletes took top spots in the men’s AND women’s Expert field!  Results: Here

Here’s a race recap video made by the super-talented Eric Lagerstrom!

Thanks to squad-mates Magali Tisseyre, Eric Lagerstrom, and Joe Maloy for coming out to watch me do my thing!  Thanks to coach Paulo and The Triathlon Squad for the path and motivation!  Special thanks to Equal Earth for believing in me and the tremendous support!  Thanks to G-Fit Studio Boise and Niner Bikes for honing my race equipment as we go along.  First Endurance for making my race nutrition effortless, and freeing me from salt tablets and thick gels!