I’m proud to announce that I’ll be using First Endurance products for my nutrition needs in 2015!  First Endurance’s line of products has helped to take my racing and training to another level.  I primarily use the (Electrolyte Fuel System) EFS Liquid Shot and Electrolyte Drink, and Ultragen Recovery Drink for nutrition during training and racing.  Please click on any of the images below to learn more!

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The EFS line of products previously freed me from the need to use awkward salt tablets.  Recently, I’ve been using the EFS Pro Cucumber Water product and it’s been amazing.  It is mild in taste, and maintains my hydration level while being gentle on my stomach.  In a nutshell: It just plain works so I can focus on the task at hand.

efs-hp-protoThe liquid (vs. gel) consistency of the EFS Liquid Shot makes it very easy to consume quickly, even during races at a very high/intense effort levels.   efs-ls-ssUltragen Recovery Drink helps me to bounce back quickly from heavy and intense training load.  In addition, I actually love the Orange Cream taste!




I’m excited to start a relationship First Endurance. They are a company that makes products I believe in.  Their commitment to research and product safety and quality is something I’m proud to represent as a professional athlete.  First Endurance products allow me to simplify my race day nutrition as well as enabling me to train and be #better.  And that is a partnership built for #success!