I’m proud to announce a new partnership with blueseventy!  Starting in 2015, I will be racing exclusively in blueseventy‘s newly updated 2015 Helix Wetsuits and  PZ3TX Swimskin.  I’ve been putting in very hard work to improve my swim.  So I’m really excited to swim in products that are the choice of “…olympic champions, world champions, and the fastest swimmers and triathletes…”.

Blue Seventy

If you know me, you know with my “exceptional” natural buoyancy, I can walk on the bottom of the diving well.  But this is what happens in a Helix wetsuit:

F895E761-23E5-4697-8E68-64A900C01EBDYou can actually see my heels!  Not only is that an advantage for me, but it swims like a sleeveless, and swims FAST!  So, yes I’m excited to compete in this suit.  I’m putting in hard work on my swim with no excuses.  So I’m proud to support a company that makes products that leave me no excuses.  Part of blue seventy’s mission is “to make products that enhance the experience of swimming for everyone who wears blueseventy.”  From my initial experiences, I’m very confident that these products do enhance my swimming experience, and that’s exciting.

I’m proud and honored to start a relationship with blueseventy.  I will be showcasing their products nation-wide through the Xterra America Pro Tour, as well as in the Pacific Northwest in conjunction with Boise’s blueseventy retailer TriTown Boise.  And as an added bonus, I’ll be able to look almost as cool as Guy Crawford this season! 😉