I’m proud to announce that I have extended my partnership with blueseventy!  In 2016, I will again be racing exclusively in blueseventy‘s Helix Wetsuits and  PZ3TX Swimskin.  My swim has been steadily improving with hard work, dedication and support from blueseventy.  In 2015 I had my best swim finishes in my professional career.  So I’m stoked to again swim in products that are the choice of “…olympic champions, world champions, and the fastest swimmers and triathletes…”.

I posted this picture last year, but it’s still the case: If you know me, you know with my “exceptional” natural buoyancy (or lack thereof) I can walk on the bottom of the diving well.  But this is what happens in a Helix wetsuit:


You can actually see my heels!  Not only is that an advantage for me, but it swims like a sleeveless, and swims FAST!  So, yes this suit was helped TREMENDOUSLY when the swims were wetsuit-legal.

I’m proud to support a company that makes products that leave me no excuses.  I have to work HARD because I know people are working just as hard to make sure the swimwear will do it’s part.  Part of blue seventy’s mission is “to make products that enhance the experience of swimming for everyone who wears blueseventy.”  From my experiences last year, I’m confident that these products do enhance my swimming experience and triathlon experience.  Having on more than one occasion, been jazzed up to be right in the mix with the top triathletes in the world coming out of the water.


I’m proud and honored to continue my relationship with blueseventy.  I will be showcasing their products through the Xterra America Pan-American Tour, as well as in the Pacific Northwest in conjunction with Boise’s blueseventy retailer TriTown Boise.  We will be partnering on events such as the XTERRA/Off-Road Triathlon Clinics, weekly open water swims, and events based around local triathlons. Please check in with my website, and with TriTown’s Event Calendar for details as we go!