Rudy Project! (Product Giveaway Entry)

Last year I started a relationship with Rudy Project. They make awesome sunglasses and helmets for cyclists, triathletes, runners, cross country skiers, and other athletes.  Working with Rudy Project is a great fit for me, since I’ve been using Rudy Project helmets since 2007 and the Sterling has been my all-time favorite helmet for racing and training.  This year, I’m happy to partner more closely with this awesome brand.

To celebrate this relationship (okay, and the release of the new 2017 Racemaster helmetRudy is giving away  5 matte black Racemaster helmets packaged with 5 matte black Fotonyk sunglasses.  ($500 MSRP value)  Here’s a picture of the stealthy new lid.  It’s so light I had to make sure it was still on my head. 😉


I love the Rudy Project Sterling helmet.  I tried the Windmax helmet this year and might like that one even more.  HOWEVER, Rudy has really knocked it out of the park with this new helmet.  At first glance, it looks very similar to those other two, but it’s definitely not. It has an beautifully sleek profile.  It’s incredibly light.  It has has a whole new retention system (and as you can see in the photo) an incredibly sleek strap system. It fits like a glove, looks great, has plenty of ventilation, and basically disappears on your head.

Q: What more could you want???

A: Incredible new eyewear dock.

Well, it has that too!  (See pic below)  The design on the dock is impressive.  The glasses just turn into part of the helmet. Internal rubber guides keep the glasses from touching your head and still allow ventilation. The fit is snug enough that there is NO WAY those glasses are coming out in a mountain bike race.

I love good design.


So, after all of my ranting… if you want a chance to score a free Racemaster helmet of your own (and a pair of Fotonyk Glasses!) then just enter the contest….

To enter: follow the link HERE and enter your email address.

That simple!  The deadline for contest entry is midnight Feb 28th.   There are also 10 second place prizes of Rudy Project trucker hats!  GOOD LUCK!!!