How to Survive an Idaho Winter. -or- Nordork-a-saurus Rex

Winter, it’s been real

But I’m off to San Diego

I need me some sun



People Press Play, “These Days” Album: “S/T”, (C) Morr Music 2007

EBB, “I’m All Made of Music” (Juri Hulkkonen Remix), “I’m All Made of Music” EP, (P) Gaymonkey Records 2008



New to my team this year, I’ll be racing exclusively on Maxxis Tires!  Racing from deserts of Las Vegas to the forests of England has taught me (the hard way) that the right tire selection can make the difference between being in the race and on the ground.  So, I’m really looking forward to traveling with an arsenal of tires to choose from in order to maximize my chances of staying upright in all conditions.

In addition to manufacturing Automotive and ATV tires, Maxxis offers a huge selection of bicycle tires for us to choose from.  (Twenty six at last I counted!) Needless to say, there is a Maxxis mountain bike tire suitable for any condition, any wheel size, any riding style!  -Including fat bikes!

Take a quick look at their Bike Technology Page to learn about sidewall & puncture protection, Tubeless Ready Systems, and tire construction.

This year I plan to try some new tread patterns, but below are a few of the staples I will race on for the majority of my MTB and XTERRA racing.  These models and more can be found at George’s Cycles/G-Fit Studio in Boise.




“A high-volume, low-profile tread design offers minimal rolling resistance and consistent traction across the profile of the tire.Continuous side knobs keep you planted where traction is critical, and the single compound balances traction and tread wear.”




“The Ikon is for true racers looking for a true lightweight race tire. With 3C Triple Compound Technology, high-volume casing and a fast rolling tread design, the Ikon provides exemplary performance in all riding conditions. As its name suggests, the Ikon represents all that is true in racing.”




“Specially designed for racing in adverse conditions, the Beaver features a tread design ideal for wet and muddy conditions.”

Ardent Race


Ardent Race

“The Ardent Race tire from Maxxis is ideally suited for technical XC race courses and endurance-length events. With its medium-height tread, the Ardent Race bridges the gap between the XC-oriented Ikon and the trail-oriented Ardent. The center knobs are ramped to reduce rolling resistance, and the side knobs are angled and stepped to provide great biting traction in corners. Choose the Ardent Race for your next demanding XC race or epic trail ride.”


New for 2016, I’m proud to be joining the Rolf Prima Wheel Systems family! Rolf Prima has been hand building wheel sets in Eugene Oregon since 1997.  Rolf will be my title sponsor and has included me in their newly created Elite MTB/CX team for 2016! It’s no secret that the bike is the key to achievement in off-road triathlon.  So for that reason (and because I just LOVE bike racing) I’ll be racing mountain bike and cyclocross much more in 2016 than ever before.  In addition to developing my bike leg(s) for triathlon, it will allow me to showcase new mountain bike products on the national mountain bike circuit as well as in the triathlon space.

Most triathletes know Rolf Prima for their amazing road wheel sets including the Aeres and Vigor families of wheels and discs.  But, building on their signature paired-spoke and differential flange hub technologies, Rolf has launched exciting new mountain bike wheel sets!  Take a look and link to Rolf’s website below!

I’ll be racing on the no-compromises carbon fiber Alsea XC racing wheel set:

Alsea (I believe it’s pronounced Al-see, like the waterfall)



For my off-road training and exploration, I plan to use the Ralos alloy wheel set:



I will also be training (and occasionally racing) on the time-tested Vigor alloy road wheel set.  It’s stiff, light and most importantly wind cheating.  The paired spoke design and intermediate profile cut through cross winds like butta.  This was my first set of wheels when I started in triathlon back in 2003.  I have a lot of fond memories flying through Buck’s County on the Vigor, so I’m excited to be on them again.





I’m proud to announce that I have extended my partnership with blueseventy!  In 2016, I will again be racing exclusively in blueseventy‘s Helix Wetsuits and  PZ3TX Swimskin.  My swim has been steadily improving with hard work, dedication and support from blueseventy.  In 2015 I had my best swim finishes in my professional career.  So I’m stoked to again swim in products that are the choice of “…olympic champions, world champions, and the fastest swimmers and triathletes…”.

I posted this picture last year, but it’s still the case: If you know me, you know with my “exceptional” natural buoyancy (or lack thereof) I can walk on the bottom of the diving well.  But this is what happens in a Helix wetsuit:


You can actually see my heels!  Not only is that an advantage for me, but it swims like a sleeveless, and swims FAST!  So, yes this suit was helped TREMENDOUSLY when the swims were wetsuit-legal.

I’m proud to support a company that makes products that leave me no excuses.  I have to work HARD because I know people are working just as hard to make sure the swimwear will do it’s part.  Part of blue seventy’s mission is “to make products that enhance the experience of swimming for everyone who wears blueseventy.”  From my experiences last year, I’m confident that these products do enhance my swimming experience and triathlon experience.  Having on more than one occasion, been jazzed up to be right in the mix with the top triathletes in the world coming out of the water.


I’m proud and honored to continue my relationship with blueseventy.  I will be showcasing their products through the Xterra America Pan-American Tour, as well as in the Pacific Northwest in conjunction with Boise’s blueseventy retailer TriTown Boise.  We will be partnering on events such as the XTERRA/Off-Road Triathlon Clinics, weekly open water swims, and events based around local triathlons. Please check in with my website, and with TriTown’s Event Calendar for details as we go!


First Endurance

I’m proud to announce that I’ve again signed with First Endurance Supplements & Sports Nutrition Products for 2016!  First Endurance’s line of products has helped to take my racing and training to another level in 2015.  In addition to again using the (Electrolyte Fuel System) EFS and Ultragen products, I’m looking forward to using additional PRO line products in 2016 to take my training and racing to the next level.  Please click on any of the images below to learn more!

-1st Endurance logoFINAL2012

The EFS line of products previously freed me from the need to use awkward salt tablets.  In 2015, I’ve used the EFS Pro product during heavy training and racing with success.   It is mild in taste, and also mixes well in a bottle with EFS liquid shot to free me from carrying a flask on the mountain bike.  In a nutshell: It just plain works so I can focus on the task at hand.

efs-pro-lemonThe liquid (vs. gel) consistency of the EFS Liquid Shot makes it very easy to consume quickly, even during races at a very high/intense effort levels.  It also conveniently mixes well with EFS Pro!  efs-ls-ssUltragen Recovery Drink helps me to bounce back quickly from heavy and intense training load.  In addition, I actually love the taste!


I’m very excited to be using the First Endurance MultiV-PRO Endurance Vitamin.  This product is a comprehensive multivitamin that’s designed to meet the unique requirements of professional endurance athletes.


I’m excited to use the OptygenHP product this year during periods of high stress. “OptygenHP is clinically proven to increase VO2Max, increase the body’s ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress, increase anaerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid.”


I plan to use the PreRace for a mental and cardiac jump-start for races and key workouts:


I’m grateful for the opportunity to build on my relationship First Endurance in 2016. They are a company that makes the highest quality products.  Their commitment to research and product safety and quality is something I’m proud to represent as a professional athlete.  First Endurance products allow me to simplify my race day nutrition.  They also allow me to train better.  I, in turn and grateful that they believe in me and support my career!  That’s a partnership built for success!